Mission & Vision

The vision, mission and objectives of the institution: how these are communicated to the students, teachers, and staff.

PGDAV Evening College is a member of the DAV family of institutions. It derives its vision from the great ideas on education propounded by the renowned social reformer Maharishi Dayanand Saraswati. These ideas led to the growth of the DAV movement which began with the founding of the ‘Dayanand Anglo Vedic College Trust and Management Society’ at Lahore in 1886. Since then it has spread like a mighty river, the holy water of which has touched not just the length and breadth of India but also the five continents of the globe.

PGDAV Evening College is one of the oldest evening colleges of the University of Delhi. The Evening Classes were started on 18 July 1958 with a mission to provide quality higher education to employed students. With the passage of time, the college started admitting all students, not only from Delhi but from other states like Himachal Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, Bihar and the states of the North East. As per the directive of Delhi University, initially only CBSE Board and AlSSC Board students were admitted. Now students from all state boards are admitted.

The objective of the college is not just to help the students to excel academically but lead them to an overall development so that they mature into responsible human beings and citizens. The college subscribes to the view that the aim of education is to imbibe values leading to good character. Particular emphasis is laid on the moral and ethical growth of the students.

The vision of the college is communicated to the students, teachers and staff through various programmes organized throughout the academic session. A fair idea is given to the students on the very first day of the session by an orientation programme that includes a havan and welcoming, informative speeches by the Principal and staff members. Throughout the academic year students are engaged in Cultural activities of their interest through various extracurricular committees. College holds a cultural festival every year. This is an intercollege event consisting of competitions in singing, dance, debates, street plays, rangoli poster making, and finally DJ. Every year the college holds a degree distribution function for students who have passed out which enables these graduates not just to reconnect with their alma mater but also receive fresh motivation to discharge their various social roles with responsibility. The session closes with Annual Day celebrations in which meritorious students are given prizes by the chief guest and eminent guests of the Governing body.