National Cadet Corps (NCC)

NCC-COY of the college was started in the year of 1988 with the enrolment of 160 cadets, in 1989. The college has both girls and boys army wing of NCC which are amongst the finest in the university. NCC unit of the college has 160 boy cadets (started in 1988 under the guidance of Capt. (Dr.) S C Sharma) and 54 girl cadets (started in 2001 under the guidance of Lt. Seema Agarwal) consisting of students of both morning and evening. With the introduction of girl’s wing, the unit has become colourful and all the programmes are being performed by both the wings simultaneously.

The National Cadet Corps (NCC) seeks to involve young students of the country to constructively utilizing their energies. Youth learns the key to co-operative and harmonious living while engaging in activities like camping, etc. while at the same time they imbibe a sense of commitment and camaraderie as they work closely with the larger community. NCC gives a tremendous opportunity to one and all for betterment, irrespective of caste, creed, religion or economic status and instils in them qualities like nationalism, patriotism, discipline and self-confidence.

A lot of activities are being conducted like Parades, Drills, P.T, Armed Drills, and Firing etc. in the college. Along with this, there are several National and Local camps and cadres in which cadets are taking part like CATC, NIC, ALC, BLC, tracking, Rock climbing, Mountaineering, Army attachment camp, Thal Sainik camps and Republic day Camps etc. Cadres are horse riding, scuba diving, Para trooping, Parasailing etc. Games also like football, volleyball, are played at a national and local level. Our cadets take part in all the camps and have won many prizes in various competitions there.

Our cadets get an opportunity to be selected without UPSC written test to Army officers rank simply by attending physical and mental test for which they have to be graduate with 50% marks and ‘C’ certificate in NCC with A or B grade. Security establishments also give preferences in selection for these cadets with ‘C’ certificates.
Republic Day camp is a prestigious camp in which P.M rally cadets also participate. Every year 5-6 boys and 1-2 girl cadets participate in this camp. Till this year about 200 cadets have attended this camp. Our cadets are active, well behaved and disciplined not only in the college as well in their social endeavours.

“PGDAV Company Special Achievements”

  • Commissioned officers – 14
  • Republic Day Camp – 97 boys
  • IMA attachment camp – 6 boys
  • Officers Training Academy (O.T.A) – 6 boys
  • Youth Exchange Program (out of India) – 2 Cadets
  • Thal Sainik camp – 22 boys
  • Boys senior under officers till date – 28
  • Girls senior under officers till date – 16
  • Two cadets have been selected best firer in the region till date
  • Map reading night marches – 1 Cadet till date.


Shri Hari Pratap Singh